EuroMAB 2024 Climate for Change – UNESCO Biosphere Reserves for Sustainable Futures

Project: Supported by Nature
Physical Meeting
Biennial 4-days conference for stakeholders from more than 300 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves


The conference offers the opportunity for a valuable exchange of knowledge, know-how and experiences as well as for a common understanding of biosphere reserves contributions for sustainable development.

The project Supported by Nature is hosting a workshop Thursday, 6 June 2024:

"Nature Based Solutions – Biosphere Reserves as drivers for change"
Workshop Chair: Johanna MacTaggart / Sweden

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) are solutions to societal challenges that are inspired and supported by nature. Their long-term benefits are well known but technically engineered concepts that deliver more immediate impact are often chosen when addressing climate change challenges. For NBS to be successful, multiple stakeholder involvement has been recognized as a key element. However, more practical experience and know-how is needed.

The aim of this workshop is to contribute to the understanding of how BRs can inspire to more frequent use of NBS to address climate change challenges by developing tools for knowledge generation. By showcasing methods used in biosphere reserves , such as multistakeholder approaches and Learning Sites, this workshop will lead to a greater understanding of biosphere reserves as drivers towards a more sustainable way of living.


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    The Swedish UNESCO Council's national conference 2024
    Project: Supported by Nature
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    14. - 15. March 2024