National Training session in Finland

Project: StratKIT+
Virtual event


At the event, you will hear about the results of the StratKIT+ project and learn about the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit and its 68 tools that have been created to support public kitchen operators in implementing sustainable public meals.

The training will also explore the sustainability work of Unicafe, a student and staff restaurant operator in the Helsinki region, with the help of Anne Immonen, Business Director at Ylva. Winner of the PRO Sustainability Award for restaurant professionals, Unicafe's sustainability efforts include increasing the use of plant-based food, reducing its carbon footprint and managing waste as part of its restaurant operations.

The webinar will also give you the opportunity to discuss and be inspired by the experiences of other experts in the field of sustainable food services and get new ideas for improving your own local food services or the food services of your company!


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