HyTruck Breakfast Briefing July 2024

Project: HyTruck
Virtual event
  • Date & Time
    03. July 2024
    09:00 - 10:00 (BST)
  • Organiser
    CLIC Innovation Oy Oleg Todorov RDI Manager, Energy Systems oleg.todorov@clicinnovation.fi Localiser RLI GmbH Aleksandra Maliszewska Data Scientist aleksandra.maliszewska@localiser.de
  • Venue
    • Virtual event


We are pleased to invite you to HyTruck Breakfast Briefing, which will be held as an online Teams event on Wednesday 3rd of July from 09:00 to 10:00 (CET). Our host and project partner, Localiser RLI GmbH, has invited Luka Cuderman, Hydrogen Market Intelligence & Strategy Lead at Axpo, who will talk about “Green hydrogen @Axpo”. In addition, Aleksandra Maliszewska, Data Scientist at Localiser RLI GmbH, will present new insights from Localiser’s Hydrogen Marketplace.

HyTruck Breakfast Briefing is planned as monthly occurring event, meant to work as a transnational exchange channel for information related to hydrogen fueled heavy road transport and hydrogen refueling stations. The Breakfast Briefings aim to distribute and share this information to all parties interested in hydrogen-powered mobility and refueling infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region and in European level.


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