HyTruck Breakfast Briefing February 2024

Project: HyTruck
Virtual event
German investment support for HRS / On-site production of green HRS / Interreg Central project H2CE


Carsten Beyer (NOW GmbH – Program manager hydrogen refueling infrastructure) will provide an overview about the National Innovation program (NIP) - funding projects and regional activities in Germany.

Reinier Waters (GASAG  – Lead Hydrogen Activities at GASAG) will present the On-Site Production of green hydrogen at Refueling Stations at the Energy Transition Laboratory in Ketzin.

Pedro Brosei (Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin Brandenburg – project manager H2CE) is going to introduce into the Interreg CE-project H2CE - Partners and objectives.

As German governmental agency, the NOW coordinates funding programmes for the expansion of public hydrogen refuelling stations as part of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. In 2023, a call focusing on heavy-duty vehicles was launched.

On-site production of hydrogen at refueling stations offers several advantages that contribute to the overall efficiency and sustainability of hydrogen fueling infrastructure. Firstly, it reduces the need for extensive transportation and distribution networks, minimizing energy losses associated with long-distance transport. This localized production also enhances the reliability and availability of hydrogen, ensuring a constant and timely supply for fuel cell vehicles.

The INTERREG Central Europe project H2CE seeks to empower H2-ready regions in Central Europe. Transitioning to green energy is key to tackling climate change and creating sustainable economies. Green hydrogen holds significant promise but accounts for less than 2 percent of Europe’s current energy consumption. The H2CE project helps regions in central Europe to boost the integration of hydrogen in their local and regional energy planning. The project develops and tests new planning tools for public authorities and creates a network of hydrogen-ready regions for good practice exchanges.


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