HyTruck Breakfast Briefing December 2023

Project: HyTruck
Virtual event
In focus: HyTruck Spatial Planning Tool and Estonian Hydrogen Association
  • Date & Time
    14. December 2023
    09:00 - 10:00 (BST)
  • Organiser
    CLIC Innovation Oy Kim Tervonen RDI Manager Mobile: +358 50 5472457 Email: kim.tervonen@clicinnovation.fi
  • Venue
    • Virtual event


Alexander Kmoch, University of Tartu, will introduce into the HyTruck Spatial Planning Toolkit. The Planning tool is developed within HyTruck and  is a Web-GIS based tool to locate HRS in an HRS network complying to the EU Directove on deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (i.e., minimum disctance between HRS of 200 km).

Ain LaidojaEstonian Hydrogen Association will present on road transport decarbonization plans, regulations and initiatives in Estonia.

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