Digital transformation of public sector services

Project: PPI4cities
Physical Meeting
Workshop on digital transformation of public sector services


The digital transformation of public authorities is an important step towards delivering more citizen-centered and user-oriented public services.  This workshop is co-organized and co-hosted by Interreg Europe and the European Commission, thanks to the connections and exchanges made between DG DIGIT and JRC.

In November 2022, the Commission proposed the Interoperable Europe Act, aiming to enhance interoperability within the public sector. Interoperability empowers administrations to collaborate, ensuring that public services operate seamlessly across territorial, sectoral, and organizational boundaries.

The private sector plays an important role in digital transformation, more specifically, “GovTech” covers all the technological solutions that are transforming public services. Many start-ups and innovative companies are part of this sector, working for governments.

PPI4cities will be presented in the ZOOM-in session on Policy experimentation of digital solutions, where cutting-edge digital solutions for public authorities will be introduced.


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