Coffee with KISMET #6

Project: KISMET
Virtual event
Innovative Strategies for Public Catering: The expansion of the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit


What are your organization’s sustainability focus and needs? Perhaps we have a tested tool for you to be inspired by!

In the next Coffee with KISMET event, we will get to know the expanded Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit and some of the tools offered to increase sustainability and enhance crisis preparedness.

With hands-on tools described in English, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, German, Danish, and Swedish the toolkit covers areas such as public procurement, strategies for change, organic food, healthy and plant-based meals, food waste and crisis management.

Iida Alasentie from the University of Helsinki, Finland will share insights into the StarKIT+ project outcomes together with Sara Seing, Head of the Diet Unit in Södertälje municipality, Sweden.

StratKIT+ is a continuation of the StratKIT project (2019-2021) where the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit was originally developed to guide public authorities, public meal providers, and others on sustainable food procurement. In StratKIT+ the toolkit is further developed through geographical expansion and with new practical tools and guidance that help stakeholders to improve the public meal sustainability and preparedness for crisis.

Through the links, you can find more information about the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit+ and the StratKIT+ project.



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