Circular School Food Systems

Project: FoodLoops
Virtual event
First Knowledge Exchange on Circular School Food


You might have heard about Circular Food Systems, but are you familiar with the concept of Circular School Food Systems? Just as our general food system requires a shift towards circularity in reducing the amount of  resources required and increasing the recycling of waste, this applies to the school context as well. 

To be able to make this shift happen, we believe that we need to inspire and be inspired!

Are you an actor from the Baltic Sea Region already working or interested in acting more in the field of school food and biowaste valorisation? If yes, then we would like to invite you to our first knowledge exchange event to discuss how we can make school food systems in the Baltic Sea Region more circular.

Our goal is to bring together local actors from the Baltic Sea region working in the field of school food and biowaste valorisation, in order to exchange best practices and share knowledge. We aim to build a network of experts on sustainable and circular school food systems, strengthening a cross-boarders collaboration.

The projects FoodLoops and Circular FoodShift, both funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region, have decided to join forces on their common target to make school food systems more circular. This event is the first out of a series of knowledge exchange meetings on this topic.


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