Circular Business Models in Gastronomy session 1

Project: Circular FoodShift
Virtual event
HoReCa, a sector that is ripe for positive transformation.


One of the pleasures of urban life is the wide choice of restaurants available. Given its size and nature, the HoReCa industry is resource hungry and generates large volumes of waste, and with the rapid climate changes, increasing food prices, customers demand for more environmentally friendly food choices, this sector needs an experimental mindset, a willingness to ask questions and try new things.

This is a series of inspirational and capacity building sessions to give HoReCa businesses practical guidance they can take to play their part in tackling climate change while getting more from less.

What's on the table?
Hyperlocal, high-tech and circular are three areas we'll get Nordic and Baltic insights from, and understand how they play their part in a Circular Business Model.

Why join?
This session is about simple but effective practical things you can do to make a real difference – not just to the environment but to your business’ bottom line as well.
As this is a live event, to learn more, we invite you to register to take a seat at the online table.



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