From a quarter to a third of the plate goes to waste

Project: Circular FoodShift
Physical Meeting
In Latvia circular food as a term is a new concept. What is it and how do Latvians understand it?
  • Date & Time
    06. July 2024
    19:00 - 20:00 (EEST)
  • Organiser
    Latvian Rural Advisory and Training centre together with Green Liberty
  • Venue
    • Cēsis Castle Outdoor Stage, Lenču iela 9A
    • LV-4101 Cēsis
    • Latvia


In Latvia circular food as a term is a new concept, what is it and how do we understand it here in Latvia? Those are the questions that the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training center together with Green Liberty would like to address during this discussion. In our scope is the Latgale region, what have they done so far and what can they learn or take away from this discussion.

Studies show that a third, or 1.3 million tons, of the food produced in the world goes to waste, but in Europe 20% of all food produced goes to waste. There are also studies and visualizations of the fact that, for example, a mountain of light castle-sized food packaging ends up in the garbage every year. A third, a quarter… Does that feel right? What initiatives have been taken and what else can be done to reduce food waste? A conversation about what healthy food is in purely practical terms, linking it to lifestyle: shopping, cooking, storage and waste management at home. Also - about what the policy is or what it should be (what is missing) in order to avoid throwing food in the garbage. A conversation about what is left behind and are we responsible enough?

Inga Belousa / representative of the NGO "Green Liberty", leading expert of the Interreg Baltic Sea program project "Circular FoodShift".  A researcher who is well acquainted with the circular economy. Most of life is lived in Daugavpils, usually everything is translated from the perspective of the regions, facilitating civil engagement in the Latgale region. 

Žanis Raivo Behmanis / Member of the new chefs' movement, chef of Kuldiga restaurant "Kopa".
An activist from Kuldiga who plans and thinks about how to use everything from the product to the maximum in his kitchen, creating many different creative solutions. Raivo himself says about himself - the use of local products and dances (in the Kuldiga dance collective Bandava) is what is my Latvian identity, through it I also learn myself.

Jeļena Lonska Associate Professor of Rezekne Academy of Technology (RTA), leading researcher.
She is currently leading a project of the Latvian Council of Science (LZP) on food waste in Rezekne schools.  She has led a team of researchers who have developed and approbated a prototype of an AI-based recommendation system focused on reducing food waste in schools.

Anete Urka, family owned cafeteria ”Gramatnica”, from Varaklani, Latgale region. Local products, cooperation with local farmers, makes the cafeteria menu more seasonable.

This discussion event has been possible to organise thanks to the support and co-finance by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme for the “Circular FoodShift” project. 


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