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Reaching beyond

Active engagement of your target groups & going beyond:
crucial for successful project implementation

When it comes to project implementation, one cannot underestimate the importance of engaging the right stakeholders. To achieve true success, it is essential to identify and involve the relevant organisations from the region and beyond. With that in mind, this section aims to provide inspiration to the projects to engage different types of organisations and drive the project implementation forward. Thus, projects can tap into a wealth of knowledge, resources, and support.

Engaging stakeholders is about fostering genuine connections and relationships and goes beyond simply informing them about the project. It means actively involving them in the planning and implementation processes. By valuing their input and involving them from the outset, projects can harness the collective power of their stakeholders, leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes.

Stakeholders can be involved in the project as project partners or associated organisations. They can also be engaged in project activities.

Reaching beyond

Coordinators of the policy areas of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

EUSBSR policy area coordinators (PACs) facilitate connections between the projects, public administrations, and thematic experts in the region. This collaboration results in wider outreach and increased visibility for the projects. This collaboration helps also ensure that the solutions developed by these projects become an integral part of the work conducted by various organisations in the region.

Reaching beyond

Pan-Baltic organisations*

Pan-Baltic organisations serve as essential networking hubs, bringing together stakeholders from different sectors, countries, and disciplines. By engaging with pan-Baltic organisations, projects can foster valuable connections with institutions and experts across the Baltic Sea region. Their involvement can provide invaluable policy insights and support, ensuring alignment with regional priorities and strategies. Projects can amplify their impact by influencing policy frameworks and initiatives at a higher level as well as increase visibility and showcase their achievements to a broader audience within the Baltic Sea region and beyond.

Reaching beyond

Ukrainian organisations

The support of the European Union and its Member States in the Baltic Sea region towards Ukraine opens up possibilities for increased cooperation between Ukrainian organisations and organisations in the Baltic Sea region countries. Interreg Baltic Sea Region does not provide dedicated funding for Ukrainian organisations, and our Programme explores opportunities to involve them, recognising the promising potential for collaboration.

Project partners may invite Ukrainian organisations to participate as associated organisations in their projects and engage in various project activities. Project partners may cover costs for Ukrainian organisations when they join project activities. The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat supports lead partners of the projects in implementing the update of their project partnership in the online project data form in BAMOS+.
Please note. Project partners from projects with associated organisations from Ukraine do not require prior approval for business trips to Ukraine. Projects may also organise some project activities in Ukraine (for example, seminars, and workshops). Such project activities require prior approval from the MA/JS.
At the same time, the Programme actively seeks opportunities to leverage regional funding instruments that support Ukraine. For example, the Swedish Institute offers funding aimed at fostering connections to Ukrainian organisations, through calls for applications, usually launched at least once a year.