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State Aid

State aid

General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER)

The factsheet provides the information about the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) adopted by the European Commission to indicate certain categories of aid as compatible with the internal market. The GBER applies to the EU Member States covered by the Programme and Norway.

State aid

De minimis

The de minimis principle allows project partners to receive comparatively small amounts of support without being caught by the State aid rules. Interreg Baltic Sea Region applies the de minimis facility only in exceptional cases and based on the request of the project partner concerned.


Instructions how to download the de minimis declaration. 

1. Please use ADOBE READER 10.0 or higher to fill the form
The latest version can be downloaded for free e.g. at Please install the Adobe reader before opening the form.

2. Please do not open the files in other PDF-viewers or in the internet browser
Using other viewers or a browser will either lead to an error message or the file will not work properly and it will be damaged.

3. Please save the form on your computer before opening
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4. Open the PDF form saved on your computer
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