Project toolkit

Financial control

Core projects

National control system descriptions

Before the core projects declare their expenditure in partner report for Programme co-financing, such partner reports (only real cost part) must be checked/validated by the controller.

Questions to the CAT 1 Staff costs please direct via the lead partner to the MA/JS.

There are two control systems applicable in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme:


Centralised control system (Estonia, Finland incl. Åland, Latvia, Poland, Sweden)


Decentralised control system (Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Norway)

Risk-based management verification

The management verification of expenditure refers to checks of expenditure declared to the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) for Programme co-financing. According to the regulation, the management verification shall be risk-based and proportionate to the risks identified ex-ante. For that purpose, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme has drafted a methodology for the risk-based verification of expenditure which can be downloaded here.

» BSR 2021-2027_Risk-based verification methodology for controllers