Fraud report

Whistleblowing: Report a suspicion/concern

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme follows a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud. To fight fraudulent behaviour, the Programme offers a large set of rules. One of them is whistleblower procedure, i.e. reporting of concerns/suspicious situations by individuals who came across certain situations.

Submitting your concern

If you have a concern which you would like to bring to our attention, you can do so by submitting the information via the following online form “Report on suspected or established fraud” and possible attachments documenting the situation.

Report on suspected or
established fraud

Please elaborate as much as possible when writing your concern. You may attach any relevant documentation you might have? The online report can be filled in as an anonymous report. Still, specific information and grounds for the suspicious situation should be indicated for the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat to undertake further steps in the investigation. The following report is filled out to my best knowledge.

I want to inform the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region that I have become aware or found evidence of suspected or established fraud for the following organisation.

1. Organisation and project concerned

2. Description of the suspicion situation/problem

3. Grounds and reasons for the suspicion/problem.

4. When and where did the suspicious situation occur?

5. Financial perimeter of the problem (optional)

6. Potential impact of the problem outside the project (optional)

7. Upload files (optional)

Max. file size: 256 MB.

8. Information about the person reporting the suspicion problem (optional)