Promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region through capacity building at local level

WaterMan all-partner Meeting in Klaipeda

22 March 2024
The first meeting in 2024 combined with a study visit of the WaterMan project took place in Klaipeda on 12-14th March 2024.
Technical details

The first day was devoted to the work of the partner team. It started with a short introduction to the resources of the laboratory at the Maritime Research Institute of Klaipeda University. All participants were welcomed by the host and each partner presented an overview of the status of project activities. The first day was dedicated to a workshop in the world café formula, where partners worked in thematic areas related to the Generic PR toolkit, BSR Water Reuse Toolbox and Helpdesk, national and international dissemination activities. As part of the workshop, we discussed target groups, instruments and tools for disseminating information promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea region. The end of the day concerned aspects of reporting and visibility.


The second day of the study visit to Lithuania was an open day for external participants out of the project consortium. Participants met in Gargždai where Deputy Mayor of the Klaipeda District Municipality welcomed gathered guests. They had a chance to hear from the lead partner information about the project WaterMan and the challenges that we face. It is important to learn and share knowledge. The first part of the day included panel discussions devoted to challenges related to water management and the potential for water reuse. During presentations were shown examples and inspirations regarding water reuse in cases of project pilots in Vastervick Municipality, Braniewo Municipality, Berlin Centre of Competence for Water and Kalmar Municipality. At the end of the day, on-site visits to the pilot site in  Gargždai. The participants were guided by local project representatives, who provided information and explanations related to the future implementation of the plans.


During the last day of the meeting, a session on local and regional model strategies for water reuse was planned. In the form of the Peer&expert review session, partners could share their works on the strategies and get feedback from the experts and all project partners. In this session, were presented the approach of the model strategies of the Association Klaipeda Region, Kurzeme Region, Bornholm’s Energy and Utility Co., Kalmar Municipality, Vastervick Municipality and Berlin Centre of Competence for Water.

This session helped partners take the next steps in the case of strategies but also further work.