Promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region through capacity building at local level

Project Partners promotion - Region Kalmar

21 June 2024
The Waterman project, aimed at promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea region by building capacity at the local level, has been implemented since January 2023. Broadly understood project promotion, also in social media, plays an important role in project activities.
Technical details

There is a promotional campaign on Instagram this week. In one of the posts on the profile run by the project leader – Kalmar Country Region from Sweden, we can read:
“ […] at the end of September, project participants will go to Belgium or the Netherlands for a study visit to gather experience and knowledge about saving water – says Tobias Facchini, water coordinator in the Kalmar Region. If Spain showed us a possible scenario for future water scarcity problems, countries like Belgium and the Netherlands better reflect the challenges we currently face, such as periodic droughts and water shortages. We want to find specific solutions that fit our regional conditions and that we can apply to the Kalmar Region. […] By continuing work on water reuse as part of the WaterMan project, we hope to inspire more people and institutions to take care of our most valuable resource – water![…]”
Link to the profile of our design leader in the link below: