Promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region through capacity building at local level

Project Partner promotion - Saldus

19 June 2024
Part of the WaterMan project is educational meetings which have been held in Saldus secondary school and Saldus elementary school about climate change, its effects and how we could reduce this effect by saving drinking water and using rainwater in our homes.
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As part of the WaterMan project one of our Latvian partner has held educational meetings on climate change, its impact, and how we can mitigate this impact by conserving drinking water and using rainwater in daily life, which took place at Saldus Secondary School and Saldus Primary School.

Children and young people are our future, and educating them about environmental issues is crucial. During these lectures, students gained valuable knowledge about how they can actively participate in reducing the impact of climate change by starting with simple, everyday steps.

Additionally, the Saldus Municipality introduced students to an exciting pilot project that plans to build a fountain operating with treated rainwater. This innovative project not only demonstrates a practical solution for water resource conservation but also serves as a vivid example of how environmental protection initiatives can be integrated into city infrastructure.

Such educational lectures not only increase students’ understanding of environmental protection but also inspire them to become responsible and active members of society in the future. Moreover, by sharing the knowledge they have gained at home, students can encourage their parents to act more responsibly and thoughtfully regarding resource use.