Promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region through capacity building at local level

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20 June 2024
An article "Water Reuse - One of the Measures to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change in the EU and the Baltic Sea Region" (Lithuanian title of the article - Pakartotinis vandens naudojimas - viena iš priemonių švelninančių klimato kaitos pasekmes ES ir Baltijos jūros regione), was published in April this year in the journal Vandentvarka (Water Management) of the Association of Lithuanian Water Suppliers
Technical details

Promoting water reuse is becoming increasingly important due to the new challenges posed by climate change to water supplies affected by extreme weather events, such as increasingly frequent droughts or floods. in 2023 the extreme situation caused by the drought at the beginning of the summer and the floods in the municipalities of western Lithuania in November only confirmed this. These phenomena will be repeated more and more often in Lithuania and other countries of the world, and due to the effects of climate change, the extremeness of the phenomena will increase – they will become stronger, longer and less predictable.

The countries of the Baltic Sea, especially Germany, Sweden, Denmark, are already facing serious water shortage problems. The initiative of the mentioned countries in 2023 the project WaterMan “Promoting water reuse in the Baltic Sea Region through capacity building at local level” funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program started. The project activities are aimed at creating water management measures resistant to climate change, focusing on the integration of water reuse measures into local water management strategies/plans and the use of pilot, alternative water sources, such as municipal, surface and other wastewater treated by traditional means and additionally regenerated.

The project involves 16 partners from the countries of the Baltic Sea region, who will implement 10 test (pilot) water reuse measures during the project.

In the publication Vandentvarka, in the article Water reuse is one of the measures mitigating the consequences of climate change in the EU and the Baltic Sea region:

  • conditions for reuse of treated municipal wastewater for irrigation in agriculture set by EU Regulation 2020/741 are reviewed in more detail;
  • provides brief information about the seven pilot water reuse measures implemented by the WaterMan project partners in Sweden, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania;
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) and their types are briefly described and a set of these systems/practices are proposed to be more widely applied in the management of urban surface wastewater;
  • data on the chemical and microbiological contamination of the selected surface/rain basin wastewater of the city of Gargžda are presented.