KISMET – sustainable food environments

Vidzeme Planning Region promotes eco-friendly practices across the Baltic Sea Region

16 November 2023
The KISMET partnership met for updates and learning about the Local Innovation Partnership in Valmiera, Latvia, in November 2023.
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In a landmark meeting held in Valmiera, Latvia, KISMET, a collaborative initiative of 13 international partners from the Baltic Region focusing on sustainable food environments and funded by the EU Interreg Programme, unveiled further developments and initiatives to transform local food systems and promote eco-friendly practices across the Baltic Sea Region.

The session commenced with insights into the Vidzeme region’s economic pillars, emphasizing the wood industry, agriculture, and food production, including the emerging blue culture. The existing  Latvian Food and Bioeconomy Cluster and the newly established Bioregion in Gauja National Park were showcased, with a commitment to organic food production, slow tourism, and sustainable resource utilization.

Key projects such as “Cities 2030” and “Ce4Re Project” were presented, demonstrating a commitment to transforming local food systems and implementing circular menus in restaurants to combat food waste. The REKO Market in Valmiera, a platform connecting local producers with customer demand, garnered attention, along with unique initiatives like Home Cafe Days and the autumn Restaurant Week, both focusing on promoting local and seasonal food.

Vidzeme emerged as a central hub during the discussions, hosting key sessions and providing insights into the local landscape. A visit to a local brewery and an introduction to the Vidzeme Planning Region further highlighted Vidzeme’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The meeting also underscored Vidzeme’s pivotal role in the sustainable food movement. The representative from Valmiera Development Agency emphasized the region’s commitment to sustainable practices and innovation.

KISMET remains steadfast in its mission to transform the Baltic Sea Region’s food systems, with Vidzeme at the forefront of this revolutionary journey towards sustainability.

For media inquiries, please contact: Maija Rieksta, Project Manager in Vidzeme Planning Region,