Building trust in target groups for ALUM treatment - an effective, yet misunderstood method for water quality improvement

Webinars connect over 80 stakeholders across the Baltics

07 January 2024
We recently hosted a series of successful webinars attended by over 80 participants from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, and featuring a diverse group of attendees including municipalities, government officials, water experts, scientists, NGOs, and the public.
Technical details

The webinars started with an introduction to the project aims and planned activities and were followed by short lectures about how the ALUM method works. We highlighted successful Swedish examples with ALUM application for many decades emphasizing the method’s safety and effectiveness. The webinars wrapped up with dynamic Q&A sessions to build confidence in this approach.

Missed the webinar? For those who could not join us, the entire webinars are available as recordings (see Latvian | Estonian | Lithuanian webinars).

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