Building trust in target groups for ALUM treatment - an effective, yet misunderstood method for water quality improvement

TRUST ALUM Makes Waves at 2nd Mission Arena by Blue Mission BANOS!

03 May 2024
TRUST ALUM interacted with 239 stakeholders from the Baltic region, Sweden, and Finland through presentations and workshops. This event took place on April 25-26, 2024, in Riga, Latvia.
Technical details

Presentations and workshops were held at the 2nd Mission Arena in Riga, Latvia from 25-26 April 2024. The event gathered 239 stakeholders from Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. Our project TRUST ALUM was presented there during the workshop “Innovative Strategies for Restoring Lakes and Rivers: Aligning with EU Mission “Restore Our Ocean and Waters” and was attended by 39 participants. The EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters is one of five EU Mission areas and aims to protect and restore the health of our oceans, seas and waters.

You can access presentation and workshop summaries as well as watch the opening session here

BlueMissionBANOS lighthouse inspires, engages and supports stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea to reach a carbon-neutral & circular blue economy. While fostering the transition towards the blue economy, BlueMissionBANOS will also support preventing and eliminating water pollution and protecting and restoring marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity. In the next three years, work will be done to reduce governance fragmentation, facilitate evidence-based decision making and foster citizen engagement across the BANOS area. These support actions will increase awareness, showcase opportunities, and inspire stakeholders to actively contribute to preserving the Oceans, Seas and Waters until 2030 and beyond.