The Baltic Sea Initiative for the Development of Business Activity of Refugee Women

Survey research

29 September 2023
The contribution of migrant and refugee women to developing and promoting solutions supporting women\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s entrepreneurship.
Technical details

As part of the BSI_4Women, project partners from Poland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden conduct research aimed at understanding the creative potential, goals and motivation of the refugee women in starting their own business. The survey carried out as part of the research aims to determine the requirements and needs of this group of women in terms of the necessary skills and resources required to create a company in the countries where they currently reside.

The survey results will contribute to the development of the solutions and tools that will more effectively support the migrant and refugee women in gaining independence, restoring balance in their lives and returning to the labor market through self-employment. As a result the women with entrepreneurial potential will be able to develop their business ideas, in particular innovative ventures by participating in an incubation program tailored to their needs.

We encourage the migant and refugee women currently residing in Poland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden to complete our anonymous survey and become a member of the BSI-Women community working together on solutions supporting future women entrepreneurs, who, due to war or other military conflicts, had to leave their country and rebuild their everyday life in new surroundings in the Baltic Sea Regions.

The links to the survey for women residing in: