Technology transfEr for Thriving Recirculating Aquaculture Systems in the Baltic Sea Region

TETRAS Associated Organisations

15 March 2023
TETRAS counts on the support of a group of Associated Organisations (AO). Together with the Project Partners (PP), the partnership offers the strength to deliver an ambitious plan and meet the project objectives.
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These organisations include stakeholders, sponsors, partners, suppliers, and other groups that have a vested interest in the project’s outcome. They will have access to TETRAS’s ongoing work, provide input and feedback on documents, reports, and other relevant outputs produced within the project, help identify if the solutions generated are applicable to all the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) or if they need to consider sub-regional and national specificities. Through their involvement, they will contribute to the co-creation of outputs and solutions, validate intermediate project results and assist in the project results’ transfer and exploitation.  


Stowarzyszenie Rowoju Rynku Rybnego (SRRR) / Fish Market Development Association (Poland)

Fish Market Development Association (SRRR) is a professional organisation working in the areas of promotion of seafood product consumption and education for aquaculture and fish processing sectors. SRRR initiated the largest annual conference of the fish industry in Poland and the region (Fish Congress), linking the sectors of technology and innovation with fisheries and aquaculture. SRRR implements knowledge transfer projects focused on aquaculture and small fish processing, organises the Future of Aquaculture conference, and offers the possibility to reach several hundred entities in the aquaculture and fish processing sectors. 

In TETRAS, the SRRR will provide support and recommendations in delivering project outputs. They will contribute to raising awareness among stakeholders on the results of the project pilots and will promote the solutions generated in the project to enhance their functionality and increase their transferability to end-users. 

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Linköpings universitet / Linköping University (Sweden) 

In close collaboration with the business world and society, Linköping University (LiU) conducts world-leading, boundary-crossing research in fields including materials science, IT, and hearing.

In TETRAS, Linköping University will participate in feedback sessions on relevant outputs of the project. They will participate in events organised within the project. 

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Investara, UAB / Local Ocean (Lithuania)

Local Ocean is a RAS farm of whittle shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) interested in industrial symbioses such as using shrimp waste materials in the production of biogas as well as other heat exchange concepts. Local Ocean will join TETRAS workshops and benefit directly from the results, which will further justify and streamline the upscaling of their farm operations to include efficient water and energy management, thereby reducing costs and increasing profitability. 

They will participate in the advisory board of TETRAS project meetings, and provide input and/or feedback on analyses, documents, reports, and other relevant outputs produced within the project. They will also participate in the Industry Sounding Board (ISB) and in events organised within the project.

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Tartu BT Park ÖÜ / Tartu BT Park (Estonia) 

Tartu Biotechnology Park is a research institution that provides physical infrastructure as well as business development and consultancy services to companies and R&D institutions in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, and veterinary medicine. They will be invited to join TETRAS activities, events, and workshops to provide feedback on their specific needs. Their business development services will directly benefit from TETRAS results. 

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Universität Rostock / University of Rostock (Germany)

The University of Rostock is a research institution heavily involved in the development of the blue economy in the Baltic Sea Region. They will be invited to attend TETRAS meetings, events, and workshops. Results will also be disseminated to them directly for further distribution to their students and business incubator programme (Zentrum für Entrepreneurship) 

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Ida-Virumaa Omavalitsuste Liit / The Association of Local Authorities of Ida-Virus County (IVOL) (Estonia)

The Association of Local Authorities of Ida-Viru County is an umbrella organisation for 8 local municipalities (4 cities and 4 rural municipalities). Since 2018, the association’s responsibility is to coordinate the development at the county level and implement development projects. Ida-Viru county is part of North Estonia and the Gulf of Finland economic region. The key players of the region in the blue economy sector are the port of Sillamäe – the biggest privately owned port in the Baltic sea – and the coastal tourism sector with SPA facilities and small marinas. 

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Asociacija „Klaipėdos regionas” (AKR) / Association “Klaipėda Region” (AKR) (Lithuania)

Founded in 2012, the Asociacija „Klaipėdos regionas” (AKR) is the association connecting all municipalities of Klaipėda Region. 

The association will be a key target group for TETRAS activities and be invited to co-develop or provide feedback on TETRAS solutions throughout the project, as well as promote solutions in their network to facilitate increased administrative capacity and industry uptake. 

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Bundesverband für Aquakultur e.V. / German Aquaculture Association (Germany)

The Bundesverband Aquakultur e.V. (BVAQ), based in Kiel, is an interest group of people based in Germany and active in the field of aquaculture. The BVAQ includes all people and companies in this group who provide services for aquaculture as well as those involved in production, processing, and marketing of products. 

The association is particularly committed to innovative, competitive products, sustainable production and successful marketing. 

His goal is to increase the importance of aquaculture in the public eye in order to improve the general conditions for the entire industry. Networking with existing national and international organisations is intended to promote cooperation and exploit synergies.

In TETRAS, the BVAQ will participate in feedback sessions, and benefit from pitching and networking activities, as well as activities aiming at the exploitation of TETRAS results. They will participate in events organised within the project. BVAQ will be a key target group and multiplier for TETRAS activities and results. 

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Klimafonden Skive / Climate Foundation Skive (Denmark) 

The purpose of the foundation is the general knowledge about climate, energy, and environmental issues in Skive Municipality, and become a crucial factor for existing and new companies to know Skive as Denmark’s “Green Tech Valley’ (GTV), where optimal frameworks exist for green innovation. 

The fund must create a framework and growth conditions for established and new locally-based companies within the entire green technology and sustainability areas. 

Skive will support the identification and implementation of energy-efficient initiatives in existing companies. The foundation will implement relevant knowledge generated in TETRAS in business development. 

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Skagen Salmon Partnerselskab / Skagen Salmon Partner Company (Denmark) 

Skagen Salmon is a modern salmon RAS farm with a focus on sustainability and minimising the environmental footprint of fish production. The facility also has a strong focus on the use of renewable energy sources. 

Skagen Salmon will support TETRAS by providing knowledge on water treatment of production water from RAS, and will collaborate with the development of the business case for Pilot 1. 

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Vattenbrukscentrum Ost (VCO) / East Region Aquaculture Centre (ERAC) (Sweden) 

The East Regional Aquaculture Centre (ERAC / VCO) is a non-profit organisation aiming to facilitate the transfer of information between research and industry, and to educate and advise interested parties on aquaculture. ERAC/VCO aids in the establishment of land-based fish farming in Eastern and Southern Sweden, as well as shellfish and algal culture in the Baltic Sea.

In TETRAS, the ERAC will participate in feedback sessions on relevant outputs of the project. The ERAC will participate in events organised within the project and will support the project’s awareness and dissemination via their communication channels. 

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Suomen Itämeri-instituutin säätiö / The Baltic Institute of Finland (EUSBSR PA Innovation) (Finland)

The Baltic Institute of Finland is a non-profit foundation with the mission of promoting cooperation and projects in various fields between organisations operating around the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and throughout Europe. They enhance international cooperation between citizens, researchers, experts, the public sector, and the business sector. 

As the main coordinator of the EUSBSR Policy Area Innovation, the Baltic Institute of Finland will participate in TETRAS providing input and feedback on analyses, reports and other relevant outputs produced within the project. They will also participate in events organised within the project, and provide support in raising awareness between stakeholders and the dissemination via EUSBSR and cross-macro regional networks, and the Policy Innovation steering group. 

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Roskilde Universitet / Roskilde University (Denmark)

The Department of Science and Environment of Roskilde University focuses on conducting research in an innovative and application-oriented manner in real-world science and the environment. They work with basic science, explaining and developing the theories on which science is based. Basic and applied research go hand in hand for them, and their research generates new knowledge and useful innovation. 

In TETRAS, members of the Department of Science and Environment of Roskilde University will provide input and feedback on relevant outputs produced within the project. They will participate in events organised within the project and will provide support in raising awareness and disseminating the project’s results through their communication channels. 

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Bioökonomie auf Marinen Standorten e.V. (BaMS) / Bioeconomy in Marine Locations Association (BaMS) (Germany)

The Blue Bioeconomy Association (BaMS) is an information and communication offer of the BaMS association and Kiel University. The content of the portal derives from the research projects of their members and is supplemented by independently prepared information offers on all subject areas of the blue bio economy. The members of the BaMS include leading universities, research institutions, and companies from Northern Germany and throughout Germany. At Kiel University, BaMS strengthens the scientific focus of marine science (Kiel Marine Science). In addition to research projects, BaMS actively supports the development of demonstration sites and the sustainable implementation of the project results in business and society. BaMS will therefore act as both a sounding board for TETRAS progress and results, as well as a multiplier for dissemination of activities and results to key stakeholders in German and beyond. 

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