Building trust in target groups for ALUM treatment - an effective, yet misunderstood method for water quality improvement

Swedish–Latvian teams visit the pilot lake in Riga

17 November 2023
Get ready for a transformation that goes beyond the surface – our plan is to give lake Velnezers the ultimate makeover it deserves! Our three-day mission was all about gearing up for piloting the ALUM water treatment method in Riga next spring.
Technical details

We are happy to share with you the summary of our three-day event held in Riga, where project partners from Latvia (Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology (LIAE), Ministry of Environment and Regional Development, and Riga City Council) and Sweden (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Water Resources Sweden) met to move forward with the ALUM method piloting.

On DAY 1 we scouted the pilot area – Velnezers surroundings, pinpointing the perfect spot for the treatment boat and essential treatment equipment. Logistics took center stage – access routes, bush-clearing plans, and soil prep were meticulously discussed. Post-lake adventures, legal nuances, and facility requisites were explored at the Riga City Council premises. Homework was assigned, and a concrete treatment deadline was set for May 2024. A whole week will be dedicated to the lake treatment combined with informative events to ensure that interested stakeholders can witness the method in action, thus building trust in our mission. Exciting excursions will be offered for a sneak peek before the treatment.

Building on insights from the first day, on DAYS 2 and 3 partners refined plans for the treatment considering Latvia’s national transportation rules. Further, LIAE and SLU united for comprehensive lake monitoring. This included measuring benthic fauna and assessing water quality parameters such as chlorides, aluminium, dissolved oxygen levels, pH and many more. The SLU representative took three sediment samples that will be transported to Sweden for a meticulous analysis crucial for creating the lake’s geomatic model and calculating the precise polyaluminium chloride dosage.

Our commitment extends beyond plans and discussions – stay tuned for exciting excursions and a firsthand look before the treatment!