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Supported by Nature

Our Journey Begins - Supported by Nature in Ronneby

12 March 2024
We are excited to share that we had a successful kick-off meeting for Supported by Nature. This gathering marks a significant milestone in our project, where we have begun laying the groundwork for strong collaboration and a shared vision.
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The meeting had an inspiring atmosphere conducive to creative thinking, enhanced by the beautiful backdrop of the place. Interactive workshops gave discussions that were engaging and productive, with participants contributing their unique perspectives and expertise. Two successful days strengthened the common understanding of the purpose and direction of the project with great input and generous sharing of knowledge from our partners.

We have now established a solid foundation for collaboration and a shared vision for the project. This will be crucial as we continue our joint work to achieve our goals and maximize the project’s potential.

We look forward to the continued journey with Supported by Nature. We are sure that the dedication and passion from our partners will lead to significant progress and positive outcomes for society and the environment in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond.