Promoting commercial fishing of Round Goby in the Baltic Sea

Save the date! First Round Goby / Sustainable Fisheries Working Group

25 March 2024
Join us in the first ever SUBMARINER Network Round Goby / sustainable fisheries working group!
Technical details

The working group will take place digitally on April 11th. 10-12 am CET. During the inagrual session we will discuss:

  • What is the RoundGoby project and what does it aim to do?
  • The first results for an analysis on global markets for Round Goby products
  • The upcoming test fishing of Round Goby including newly developed gear
  • What are the current fishing opportunities for coastal fishers and what gear is available?

The working group is an open forum for Baltic Sea stakeholders who are interested in sustainable fisheries and wish to contribute with content, new research, technologies or trends relevant to sustainable fisheries in the Baltic Sea, with a specific focus on Round Goby and other coastal fisheries management.

If you would like to join the WG, please register here: