Promoting commercial fishing of Round Goby in the Baltic Sea

RoundGoby kicks off in Riga

16 February 2024
After months of preparation, the RoundGoby officially kicked off with a two day meeting in Riga.
Technical details

Project partners discussed and aligned upcoming activities and objectives, embarking a three year project journey with lots of motivation and energy.

The partners then jumped on a bus to Liepaja to commence the project’s first study tour. During the stakeholder meeting, project partners and representatives from the Latvian fisher community discussed the ecological and econmic benefits of fishing Round Goby and what lies ahead in the coming months.

The study tour wrapped up with a visit to the fishermen village of Jūrmalciems where local fishers showed and explained what kind of nets they used to catch Round Goby – valuable information for the project’s test fishing phase which starts this spring.