Closing local water circuits by recirculating nutrients and water and using them in nature

University of Latvia hosts 82nd scientific conference - inviting target groups to discuss "Water resources management and innovations"

26 April 2024
ReNutriWater target groups gathered in Riga in early April to partake of discussions on water resources management and innovation. Project partners presented project activities and talked about the potenatial of reclaimed water.
Technical details

On April 10th, during the 82nd scientific conference of the University of Latvia, PhD Rūta Ozola-Davidāne and Dr. georg. Oskars Purmalis organised the “Water resources management and innovations” section of the event. This cooperation between the Latvian Council of Science funded Circle P project and Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program funded ReNutriWater project, took place in the Nature House of the LU Academic Center.

RNW presentationA wide range of research topics was presented on the possibilities of wastewater reuse, groundwater research, development of mathematical models for decentralized sewerage systems, research and treatment of pollutants in wastewater, rainwater and snowmelt water. Among presenters were project ReNutriWater partners from University of Latvia, VNK Serviss, Jurmala municipality. RNW presentationThese partners were able to reach project target groups at this event, which was attended by more than 40 participants from different universities and other institutions. Among these were attendees from Riga Technical University, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, and NGOs such as Cleantech Latvia, Society of Baltic Coast and the Farmers’ Parliament. Representatives for governmental institutions such as the National Environmental Service, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development were also in attendance to hear about project activities and reclaimed water potential. The private sector was represented by companies such as ACO Latvia and SIA P-Agro Minerals; SIA Riga Water.