Closing local water circuits by recirculating nutrients and water and using them in nature

ReNutriWater explained in 3 minutes!

19 June 2024
We've published a short video about what we do in ReNutriWater project. Check it out!
Technical details

“ReNutriWater – Recirculating nutrients and water in the Baltic Sea Region” is the title of our newest video presentation of the ReNutriWater project. We are proud to present this video to all potential viewers, who are interested in learning about reclaiming water and recycling nutrients. And ofcourse to learn what it is that we do in the ReNutriWater project!

Thanks to the collaboration of a number of people this task was completed, and can help inspire public authorities to develop action plans to recover wastewater, and reuse it for cleaning, watering recreational areas and plants, as well as domestic purposes.

Thank you:

Dr. Klara Ramm, Chamber of Commerce Polish Waterworks
Monika Wojciechowska and Rosa Sartjärvi, Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Paula Biveson and Helen Honkasaari, Centrum Balticum
Samsø Spildevand and Samsø Municipality
Pasi Rahikka, Soldeman

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