Closing local water circuits by recirculating nutrients and water and using them in nature

ReNutriWater participating in upcoming International Conference: Water and Sewage in the Circular Economy Model (CEwater)!

05 April 2024
Upcoming conference in Cracow will see ReNutriWater collaborating with Interreg projects WaterMan and Nursecoast II on a panel discussion about water reuse.
Technical details

The CEwater International Conference 2024 is tackling topics such as Climate Change Impacts on Water Resource, Management and Use of Water Resources, and Water reuse & Water Recycling, which are in line with the Water-smart societies priority projects conducted with the support of Interreg Baltic Sea Region (BSR). At this conference ReNutriWater project partner Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Science (MEERI) is organising a joint session for water-related project conducted in Europe, where ReNutriWater will be represented by project manager Dr. Klara Ramm, Chamber of Economy, Polish Waterworks.

“Cooperation is the basis of projects financed by EU funds, including Interreg. I have in mind not only cooperation between project partners, but also between projects. It is not always easy due to financial and language barriers and sometimes simply the reluctance of some organizations. Yet our strength is the exchange of information. Therefore, I am glad that we will share our projects’ achievements during the conference and learn about the experiences of colleagues from the Baltic Sea Region” says Dr. Ramm.

The session aims to exchange experiences in the field of water in Circular Economy, which are implemented by Interreg BSR financed sister projects ReNutriWater, WaterMan and Nursecoast II, which are all active projects under the Water-smart societies priority, but also by other projects financed by institutions such as the European Commission and so-called “Norway Grants”.

Dr. Ramm shared some additional details about the upcoming joint session, when asked about how the sister projects complement each other: “For example, the WaterMan project brings solutions for reusing water from wastewater and rainwater. They have several locations investigating the possibility of recovering and reusing water based on proven technologies such as Nature-Based Solutions. In our project, we focus on recovering water from urban wastewater. So, we have a common part that we will discuss during the conference. In turn, as part of the CEWater project (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway grants), a local installation for storing and using rainwater in greenhouse crops was created and began its second season of operation. As part of ReNutriWater, we also build greenhouses. There will be an opportunity to exchange experiences and obtain information about opportunities and barriers in planning and implementing such solutions. Therefore, it promises to be an exciting discussion and knowledge exchange in Krakow. I am pleased about this cooperation. This is the strength of the European Union and all projects for the environment and local communities.”

Not only is ReNutriWater part of the program, ReNutriWater partner MEERI is one of the main organisers of this event. The conference is one of the main initiatives for the promotion of circular water management, which is the key interest of the ReNutriWater project partner.

The conference is a part of the international project entitled “Developing comprehensive water recovery solutions and raising awareness of the key role of water in the transformation process towards a Circular Economy (CE)” (acronym: waterCEmanagement in practice). The aim of the event is to summarise this project and present the issues and methods of water and wastewater management, which are based on Circular Economy assumptions.

The CEwater International Conference 2024 is taking place at Bielany Water Treatment Plant, Cracow 22-24 April 2024.
More information about the event is available at the event homepage: