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ReNutriWater launches stakeholder survey

02 May 2024
During the coming months ReNutriWater will be reaching out to wastewater treatment plants to assess their operations in all partner countries. The survey has been launched in six languages and can be accessed on the project homepage.
Technical details

As part of the project’s aim to produce local solutions for reclaiming water, ReNutriWater has launched a stakeholder survey. The survey is aimed at wastewater treatment plant operators in the Baltic Sea Region, primarily Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. The survey has been published in these five national languages, but also in English.

The survey aims to assess the operations of wastewater treatment plants, as they vary across the Baltic Sea Region. In addition to differences in size, there are variations in the processes used by treatment plants to purify water. These differences can be attributed to varying needs and the quality of wastewater in different regions, resulting in diverse solutions for purification.
For ReNutriWater, understanding the diverse operations of the treatment plants in different countries is crucial for developing local solutions based on project pilots. What may be economically attractive in one area may not hold the same importance in another. Additionally, the necessary changes to wastewater treatment plant operations may differ, and the project must consider these variables when making policy suggestions for local solutions.

The survey takes no more than 15min to complete. If you are working at a wastewater treatment plant and interested in assisting the success of ReNutriWater, and thus, finding new ways to make water management more sustainable, please consider filling it!

Links to different language versions of the survey:

In case of questions please, do not hesitate to ask our project leader for more information:

Klara Ramm

Chamber of Economy Polish Waterworks
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