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Engaging students as part of dissemination activities

05 March 2024
Students from Riga State 2nd Gymnasium engage in hands-on experiments in water management
Technical details

On January 29, 2024, ReNutriWater partner Jurmala water utility, SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” hosted an engaging event for the students of Riga State 2nd Gymnasium. The event, titled “Like the Water,” centered around the ReNutriWater project, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and focuses on the reuse of purified wastewater.

Participation and hands-on activities increase engagement

Students building water pipesThrough participatory methods the students, who are all studing for their baccalaureates degree, formed teams to engage in various activities. Activities included hands-on experiments, such as assembling pipeline sections, creating digital models of water supply systems, and developing drinking water purification filters to measure turbidity, ie. the clarity of liquid. In addition, they participated in educational games that broadened their understanding of water-related topics, including water treatment and the benefits of reusing wastewater.

A particular favourite among the activities was a water tasting activity, where students were challenged to identify tap water from among six different samples of bottled water. The tap water was supplied by SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens”, the others were various bottled waters available in stores. The experiment revealed that the taste of tap water is comparable to that of bottled water, yet much more cost-effective, with the price of a single bottle often equating to one cubic meter of tap water. The event concluded with pizza and debriefing, during which the students shared that they found the experience both enjoyable and educational.

Highlighting career opportunities

Students listening to lectureRepresentatives from SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” emphasized that the event aimed not only to showcase the company and the ReNutriWater project’s initiatives in water reuse and circular economy but also to highlight the diverse career opportunities within the water management sector. They stressed that the industry requires a wide range of professionals, not just plumbers and water technologists, but also writers, IT specialists, lawyers, engineers, managers, and economists, each contributing to the provision of comprehensive water management services.

SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” will continue working with Riga State 2nd Gymnasium on future engagements and hosting similar events under the name “Like the Water”. SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” encourages everyone to stay tuned for upcoming “Like the Water” events!