Closing local water circuits by recirculating nutrients and water and using them in nature

Consortium meeting in Riga in November

22 December 2023
The University of Latvia hosted the third ReNutriWater consortium meeting in 14th-15th November in the Academic Centre of University of Latvia.
Technical details

The previous meetings were in Warsaw, Poland in March and in Kuopio, Finland in June.

In the Riga meeting, the project partnership discussed about the risk analysis, functionality of the WaterSafe-tool, system boundaries and circular business models. The great emphasis was determining the preconditions for pilots. The consortium worked in groups discussing and clarifying issues like monitoring and analysis, technical matters, public procurement and communication and cooperation with the target groups. The main aim was to define the final conditions for pilots, so that all greenhouses were ready for the coming growing season.

There will be eight pilots divided to three groups.

Group 1, Disinfection pilots will be conducted in two locations by three project partners:

  1. Savonia’s Water LAB, Kuopio, Finland
  2. WWTP Czajka/ Pruszków/Południe, with Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.

Group 2, Composition adjustment of reclaimed water, will be done in:

  1. Savonia’s WaterLAB with cooperation of WWTP Tahko, Finland
  2. Schwander with WWTP for Hotel Bania Thermal & Ski, Wołkowy, Poland.
  3. Jurmala Water Utility with University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

Group 3 will be testing the usage of reclaimed water for plant cultivation in specifically made greenhouses:

  1. Greenhouse in Kuopio, Savonia’s SuperDMA, Savilahti District, Finland
  2. Greenhouse in Samsø Wastewater Utility Samsø Island, Samsø, Denmark
  3. Greenhouse in Ugãle, Ugãle Parish, Ventspils county, with University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

Meeting in Riga would not be complete without a tour in the magnificent Old Town. To balance the old with new, the partnership was also invited to visit the University of Latvia laboratories and finally, a tour in the National library.