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Success Story: How a Multi Apartment Building in Northern Sweden Leads the Way with Smart Energy Efficiency

31 May 2024
Technical details

Södra Hamnen in Piteå, Sweden, serves as an example of a housing association that has made significant progress in its energy efforts. The energy efficiency measures implemented in the property contribute to strengthening the association and improving the living environment for its residents.

The housing association Södra Hamnen in Piteå was established in 1990. The three-story building is located in the heart of the city and consists of twelve three-room apartments and twenty-four spacious two-room apartments.

Commitment and Technological Interest

Gun Lindkvist and her husband lives in the building. Gun serves as the vice-chairman and secretary of the housing association, and it is largely thanks to her commitment and strong interest in technology that many energy measures have been implemented. She has noticed how issues regarding energy and the environment have been gaining more prominence in recent times.

“I think about our children and grandchildren. We must do what we can to provide them with a sustainable future. By minimizing energy usage and maintaining well-functioning properties, we are also laying the foundation for financial stability and a secure living environment.”

Energy Audit Led the Way

In 2017, the association conducted an energy audit. Information about the properties was gathered, and an energy consultant conducted site visits to inspect the entire property together with the board. Together, they gained a clear understanding of the amount of energy used and its distribution.

The energy consultant compiled the information into a report and assisted the association in developing an action plan with energy measures, detailing the costs of investments, as well as approximate savings in both energy and money. In conjunction with the audit, the consultant also updated the association’s energy performance certificate.

Savings and Increased Community Spirit

Energy efficiency measures and well-considered maintenance work have resulted in low operating and maintenance costs. Overall, the association’s commitment to energy efficiency has led to nearly 50 % decrease of purchased energy in the past ten years. This has also increased the property’s assessed value. Södra Hamnen is now planning for more energy-saving measures in the future.

“Among other things, we aim to replace the courtyard’s curved plexiglass with insulated glass, replace an incorrectly sized heat pump, and eventually replace the windows in the building. With diligent work and a long-term sustainability mindset, we have proven that significant change is achievable. I am optimistic about the association’s future.”


1. Installed a new ventilation system with heat recovery.

2. Switched to LED lighting with motion sensors in common areas.

3. Replaced thermostats on all radiators and limited apartment temperatures.

4. Implemented individual metering of household electricity.

5. Optimized heating and ventilation systems.

6. Installed solar panels.

7. Purchased service agreements for district heating and ventilation.

8. Compiled energy-saving tips for residents.

Article written in Swedish by Anna Almqvist, Anna Almqvist Text AB. Translated to English by  Jenny Björnfot, Energikontor Norr.