Arts on Prescription in the Baltic Sea Region
Arts on Prescription

Project partners kicked-off pilot phase

06 November 2023
Seven Arts on Prescription pilot programmes started in cities and regions in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Sweden
Technical details

The basic idea behind the Arts on Prescription (AoP) concept is that people dealing with mild to moderate mental health problems such as stress, anxiety or depression as well as those at risk of developing such conditions (e.g. due to loneliness) get a prescription not for medicine or therapy, but for taking part in creative and participatory art activities in group settings. This has been proven to have positive health effects and to improve mental wellbeing.

While the concept has already been tested as small-scale programmes in the UK, Sweden and Denmark, there remains a lack of an EU-wide perception and knowledge on the planning and implementing of such a relatively new concept and how to integrate it into regional health care systems.

In the last couple of months, project partners developed a generic AoP-concept for the Baltic Sea Region and set-up seven Arts on Prescription pilot programmes that are currently tested in cities and regions in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia and Sweden. In cooperation with community-based organisations, such as museums, adult education centres or cultural institutions, tailored art classes have been created to bring together groups of about 10 individuals for 8-12 weeks of artistic adventures.

During these programmes, participants dive into a world of creative group activities like shared reading, painting courses, visual arts, singing, etc. and get a break the chance from the struggles of their daily lives. The art courses create a room for imagination, aesthetic and emotional expression, and can relief people from stress. Moreover, their self-esteem can soar to new heights, and they build social connections, fostering social engagement.

If you want to read more about the seven AoP programmes, take a look here or contact the different project partners via the links below.