Maintenance and scaling up potato growing and consumption heritage in Northern Baltic region to build up resilient communities

Planting the Seeds of Change: MainPotRe's Support for new EU Regulation on the production and marketing of plant reproductive material.

19 September 2023
Technical details

We are pleased that our project proposal and our planned tasks and outcomes we aim to achieve were ahead of the events. In July 2023 the European Commission launched a proposal for a new regulation on the production and marketing of plant reproductive material in the Union which will be discussed among the member states in upcoming years.

The proposal introduces lighter and adjusted rules concerning access to plant reproductive material intended for final users (such as amateur gardeners). The facilitation of the conditions for the flow of planting material from gene banks to amateur growers is also proposed.

Initially, the MainPotRe project aimed to promote the understanding of the necessity for such approaches among national authorities. With the new regulation now on the discussion table within member states, our project already seized the opportunity to express our support for this proposal to Latvia’s national authorities. We will also urge them to extend their support at the EU level.