Homogenized marine gravity maps of southern and eastern Baltic Sea for modern 3D applications in marine geodesy, geology and navigation

Marine gravimetric campaign in the BalMarGrav project (Latvia)

26 June 2023
April 18 – June 15, 2023
Technical details

The marine gravimetric measurements along the cost of Latvia, made by Latvian Geospatial information agency specialists with a support of Lantmäteriet geodesists, have just been successfully completed. The measurements were made possible thanks to the Latvian Naval Forces, who hosted the Swedish marine gravimeter ZLS D13 on its P-09 “Rezekne” patrol vessel. The marine gravimeter was made available by Lantmäteriet (Sweden) within the BalMarGrav project. This is an excellent example of international cooperation between organisations from different sectors. Congratulations and a huge thanks to all people involved in the measurements!