Maintenance and scaling up potato growing and consumption heritage in Northern Baltic region to build up resilient communities

Preserving Heritage Potatoes: Highlights from the Virgin Potato Festival in Turku, Finland and Turun Sanomat's Coverage of the Mainpotre Project

02 July 2024
The 'Virgin Potato Festival' (Neitsytperunafestivaali) was celebrated from July 14 to 15 in Turku, Finland
Technical details

Veli-Matti Rokka and Maarit Heinonen from LUKE (Luonnonvarakeskus) were giving speeches about potatoes, their history, cultivation, our project, international relationships, and food security in front of the audience. There were thousands of visitors there.
The story in the Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat is about how Finnish partners in our project are looking for “lost” potatoes and carrying out their identifications for long-term storage and future needs. The article below clearly describes the goals of the #MainPotRe project.