Maritime Data Methods for Safe Shipping

Sternula's Critical Role in the MaDaMe Project: Ensuring a Reliable Network for Maritime Services

25 April 2024
Technical details

Sternula plays a role in the MaDaMe project, focusing on securing a robust network capable of carrying selected services essential for maritime operations. The success of this initiative hinges on the use of dedicated and compatible equipment. The project has entrusted Sternula with the tasks of equipment coordination and installation support for the vessels participating in the piloting.

On April 25, 2024, a significant milestone was achieved at Frederikshavns Flådestation. In collaboration with Polaris Electronic A/S, Sternula successfully installed equipment aboard the vessel Poul Løwenørn. This equipment is designed to receive and transmit data over the VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) and LTE networks. The installation marks a step forward in the MaDaMe project, bringing it closer to the forthcoming pilots.

The installation process went smoothly, thanks to the excellent coordination between Sternula and the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA). The crew at Frederikshavns Flådestation provided assistance, ensuring that everything was completed efficiently and effectively.

With this phase successfully completed, Sternula is now focusing on coordinating similar installations with other partners involved in the project. These future installations are essential for the upcoming pilotings, which will showcase the capabilities and benefits of the MaDaMe project’s network solutions utilizing MMS (Maritime Messaging Service) and VDES.

Sternula continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing maritime communications and safety.