Light in the Dark – Increasing resilience in rural and coastal tourism in the northern Baltic Sea Region by developing off-season experiences
Light in the Dark

SME Challenge inventory seeks to understand entrepreneurs obstacles for prolonging the season

29 February 2024
Small and medium-sized tourism companies are encouraged to complete an online survey that will identify the challenges and hinders they face in expanding their operations beyond the main tourism season.
Technical details

The Challenge Inventory survey is conducted in all participating countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It is aimed at SMEs in the Northern Baltic Sea region and explores the interest of small and medium-sized businesses in expanding their operations beyond the traditional summer season as well as the challenges they face regarding seasonal variations in tourist flows. The survey also seeks ideas and solutions to extend the season.

With the aim of collecting 100-200 survey respondents, we will additionally conduct 30-50 in-depth semi-structured interviews. The survey period is 29.2 – 28.3 2024, the survey link can be freely distributed to relevant SMEs throughout the region.

The project has also conducted a comprehensive market research in eight countries, not only in the regional markets but also in Poland, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The interest of potential visitors in the Northern Baltic Sea region, their willingness to travel beyond the summer season, and their preferences for various nature activities will be analysed this spring and published. The survey has gathered 4000 respondents.

The results of both surveys will be published at an open online workshop in early September. Reports and easy to understand guides will be distributed to SMEs, DMOs, business development organisations, municipalities, and other relevant organisations throughout the region.

These two surveys will provide the project with important information for the concept development phases that are conducted in collaboration with participating SMEs and DMOs.

Contact details for project partners conducting the survey and interviews are found on our project page.

Photo: Visit Åland/ Tobias Henriksson