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The German Fermentation Summit in Hamburg April 2024

22 April 2024
What a phenomenal experience at the German Fermentation Summit hosted by Food Harbour Hamburg and Food Campus Berlin, supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region EU grant KISMET!
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The German Fermentation Summit in Hamburg  was a vibrant hub of activity, overflowing with insights and forward-thinking discussions from dawn to dusk. It was an unparalleled opportunity to connect with both new and familiar faces who are as passionate as we are about revolutionizing the food industry through sustainable practices.

The diversity of the topics presented, from the state of the industry to the provocative challenges we face, underscored the critical role of fermentation in the forefront of sustainable food solutions. Witnessing Germany’s pioneering startups share their journeys and innovations was particularly inspiring, showcasing the practical applications of our shared research and development efforts.

A big shout-out to Stefanie Ostendorf, Jochen Matzer, Stefanie Kratzenstein, Theresa Hingsammer, and Jörg Reuter for their incredible work in organizing such a successful summit. Their commitment to fostering a culture of innovation in Germany is evident in all they do.

We are particularly excited to have Food Harbour as our guest in our Coffee with KISMET webinar on April 25th from 9-10am to share their work with the Baltic Region and beyond!

We look forward to the next summit in 2025, and are more motivated than ever to continue our work with our partners in the Baltic Region enabling sustainable food environments with a circular economy, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the food industry through innovation including fermentation technology.

Here’s to a future where sustainable food systems are not just a vision, but a reality!