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Savonlinna Food Extravaganza: A Glamorous Sustainable Soiree on Valentine's Day 2024!

03 January 2024
Savonlinna is gearing up for a unique celebration on Valentine's Day 2024 as stakeholders in the food industry come together to develop a more sustainable food system. The day promises to be filled with inspiration, networking, and delightful culinary experiences.
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A Culinary Journey Into the Future

The event, “Savonlinna Food Forum: Navigating the Future with Flavors,” will take participants on a flavorful path toward a sustainable future. The day starts with a presentation shedding light on the current state, strengths, and challenges of Savonlinna’s food industry. Keynote speakers will delve into the topic with their perspectives on the future of the food sector. After inspiring speeches and engaging discussions, attendees will dive into Savonlinna’s Future Food Market, enjoying networking opportunities and promoting sustainable food culture with local food industry players. The event culminates in a relaxed after-work gathering and networking evening.

Sustainability and Community in the Food Industry

The event’s aim is to promote a sustainable food culture and strengthen the local food industry. This comprehensive event, covering the entire Savonlinna region’s food industry, brings together stakeholders to discuss, network, and unite their efforts for a sustainable future.

Savonlinna Food Forum provides a unique opportunity to share ideas, discover new possibilities, and collectively become excited about creating a sustainable food system. We invite all the food actors from the Savonlinna region to taste the flavours of the future and be a part of developing food culture. Together, we are crafting a delicious and sustainable future!

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Jade Hirvonen, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk