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Partner Meeting in Pori May 2024

21 June 2024
Getting closer to our project's goals in sunny Finland
Technical details

All partners from the KISMET team recently had the pleasure of traveling to Pori, Finland, for the KISMET Project Partner Meeting from May 21 to 23, 2024. This gathering was a fantastic opportunity for all partners to dive deep into our ongoing projects and share insights, all working towards a more sustainable food industry.

The discussions were focused and productive, centering on refining the pilot projects’ results. All partners brainstormed ways to develop accessible digital solutions for various stakeholders, aiming to improve sustainability and efficiency in the food industry. The group explored a variety of initiatives to reduce food waste, promote plant-based diets, and support sustainable food production. These conversations were inspiring and crucial to the shared goals of KISMET.

The visits to Fresco Ravintolat Oy and A. Ahlström Oy Noormarkku were truly enlightening. Everyone gained valuable insights into their sustainable food production practices. A special thank you to the gracious Finnish hosts, Sami Leppimäki, Heikki Perko and Pirjo Taube. The warm Finnish hospitality and the enriching experiences provided were instrumental in making this meeting a success!

The insights and knowledge gained during our time in Pori are invaluable. All partners are excited to apply these learnings to their ongoing projects and look forward to continuing their journey towards a sustainable future in the food sector. The collaboration and camaraderie experienced have strengthened the resolve and enthusiasm for KISMET’s mission.

KISMET will keep you updated as we continue to push the boundaries of sustainability and innovation in the food sector. Together, we are making significant strides towards a more sustainable and innovative food ecosystem. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!