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KISMET goes People‘s Food Summit!

12 December 2023
Technical details

The 2023 People’s Food Summit, a 24-hour global event, achieved unprecedented success with 3,180,000 viewers on World Food Day on 16th October. One of our Swedish partners, the Beras International Foundation, presented their project on this occasion. The video with the presentation from Jostein Herwig and Sofi Gerber garnered 28,000 unique views on the Organic Consumers Association Facebook Page. The summit’s unique format, spanning Oceania to North America, engaged family farmers, pastoralists, and foresters responsible for 70% of global food production. Real-world examples showcased sustainable practices like agroecology, organic farming, and agroforestry. The summit’s impact will endure through short clips on social media, ensuring global messages on sustainable food systems resonate throughout the year.

You can further catch the video as an individual Replay on the YouTube Channel of the initiative “Regeneration International” who has organised the People´s Food Summit:

More information about the World Food Day here can be found here: