KISMET – sustainable food environments

KISMET Concept Kick-Off – Municipal Food Strategies – roles, responsibilities, and opportunities

20 February 2024
On Friday February 9th, Södertälje municipality, a partner in Interreg Baltic project KISMET officially launched their pilot concept exploring the role of Municipal Food Strategies within the Swedish context.
Technical details

The halfday event organised in collaboration with Ekodistrikt Sörmland, Nyköpings municipality, Beras International and the Region of Södermanland gathered participants from municipalities and local authorities across the region to explore opportunities for municipalities to foster resilient local food systems. Grounded in the Eco-district concept, a range of speakers from across the region presented different elements of the local food system. These perspectives covered everything from digital platforms and opportunities for public procurement, Community supported agriculture (CSA) for municipalities, crisis preparedness for public kitchens and even taste-testing of new local dairy products.

After the inspirational lectures, participants were able to choose one of four workshops to deep-dive further into a topic.

With focus on Södertälje municipality’s Food Security and Supply Strategy, participants reframed food security as an opportunity for Swedish municipalities, exploring the roles, responsibilities, andpriorities at a local level.


Covering multiple scales of intervention from political leadership to the layout and outfitting of school kitc, ideas and experiences were shared across the region.

Collaboration between local departments was highlighted as a significant area of improvement for municipalities, as well as communication with citizens and students.

A very big thank you to all who were involved in the event and the kick-off. We look forward to the next steps in sharing this journey towards a resilient local food system in Södermanland with project partners and all who are interested.