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European Weeks in Hamburg – KISMET Takes Center Stage!

07 May 2024
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In Hamburg, much like in many other parts of Europe, the European Weeks are in full swing. Within this vibrant tapestry of cultural celebration and exchange, the Interreg project KISMET takes its place, showcasing its endeavors in a grand exhibition at the Hamburg City Hall.

The European Weeks in Hamburg, echoing the diversity of Europe itself, delve into themes of culture, history, and politics under the banner of “We Choose Our Future! What Future Will You Choose?” From April 30th to May 31st, 2024, a myriad of events invite participants to experience, learn, and engage in discussions revolving around the European Union, the European elections, and the idea of Europe itself.

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, encapsulates the spirit of the European Weeks, stating, “The European Weeks offers an opportunity to reflect on our shared European values of freedom, solidarity, peace, justice, and democracy. From Hamburg to Naples, from Riga to Madrid, everyone in Europe wants the same thing. We all aspire to a better future.”

Central to these discussions is the EU Baltic Sea Strategy, which aims to deepen the close but historically complex relationships within the region through a diverse range of projects. A new definition of security is integral to this strategy, as evidenced by shifts in the security architecture due to recent conflicts. Researchers from the region recently exchanged insights on this matter, with institutions like the Hamburg Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH) actively participating. However, projects aimed at strengthening civilian cooperation overwhelmingly dominate the landscape. This is underscored by the over 40 projects of the EU Interreg program for the Baltic Sea region, showcasing the benefits of partners tackling future challenges together.

KISMET, too, plays its part in addressing future challenges, particularly in the realm of sustainable food management. In Hamburg, the Food Cluster was established, and the concept of the Future Food Campus was developed under its auspices.

As the European Weeks unfold in Hamburg, they serve as a testament to the shared aspirations and collaborative efforts of Europeans towards a brighter tomorrow. Through dialogue, cooperation, and innovation, projects like KISMET pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous Europe.