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KidsLikeUs Swedish team prepares a unique outdoor adventure

22 April 2024
The great outdoors is not just a space for adventure but a vibrant classroom brimming with lessons waiting to be discovered. As we gear up for an amazing event on the 12th of May, our enthusiasm is sky-high and we want to tell you more about it!
Technical details

At the heart of our outdoor escapade is a captivating quiz walk, designed to bring participants closer to nature’s marvels while instilling a deep respect for our natural environment. This isn’t just any walk in the woods; it’s a guided exploration into the essence of Allemansrätten, the Swedish principle that embodies the right to roam freely in nature. This unique law allows everyone to enjoy the forest, pick flowers, make fire, and even camp under the stars, all while emphasizing the importance of doing so responsibly and sustainably.

Our amazing project team prepares the event at its best to ensure a seamless blend of fun and learning, making every moment spent in the embrace of nature truly memorable. Adding a melodious touch to the experience, Svitlana Remhyzna will enchant us with singing and music lessons, weaving the beauty of sound with the serenity of the woods.

A glimpse into our preparations reveals more than just plans for a day out in the beautiful environment. In the visuals we’ve shared, you’ll find an overarching view of the nature system, complemented by educational insights, including a stop sign that gently educates on the dos and don’ts of forest activities. These materials, courtesy of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, are not just informative but a testament to our commitment to nurturing a respectful bond between humanity and nature.

We are readying ourselves to welcome between 30 to 50 children to this outdoor activity. Our vision is to create a series of stations, each offering a unique perspective and lesson on interacting with our natural surroundings. This setup ensures that every participant, regardless of age, leaves with a richer understanding and appreciation of the natural world.


It’s more than just an outdoor activity; it’s a journey toward understanding the delicate balance between enjoying our natural resources and preserving them for generations to come. Let’s step outside, learn, and play under the vast, open sky, where every leaf, stone, and drop of water has a story to tell.