Building trust in target groups for ALUM treatment - an effective, yet misunderstood method for water quality improvement

Joining forces to combat historical pollution

20 October 2023
Liepāja hosted an international conference on anthropogenic chemical pollution impact on the Baltic Sea and its related ecosystems. The hybrid event was organized by the NVO Baltic Coasts and gathered 12 well-known experts from Latvia, Estonia, Norway and Finland, including TRUST ALUM lead partner - Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology,
Technical details


The conference titled “Anthropogenic chemical pollution’s impact on the Baltic Sea and its related ecosystems” took place from 11-12th October. It brought together over 80 attendees, both in-person and via livestream, and showcased the recent discoveries from Latvia, Estonia, Norway and Finland.

The first day was packed with presentations and panel discussions. Our senior researcher, Inta Dimante-Deimantoviča, introduced the “TRUST ALUM” project and shared insights about water treatment from historical phosphorus using the ALUM method. On the second day, attendees explored Liepāja and the sites with ongoing remediation works.

🎥 No worries if you missed the event. The first-day video recording is available here: