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IVDK HUB: For Ukrainians

16 May 2023
The Danish initiative to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
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IVDK HUB: For Ukrainians

How does the Danish Association of Entrepreneurs help Ukrainians?

During our kick-off event, we had a chance to listen to a presentation of an extraordinary initiative led by the Danish Entrepreneurs Association “IVDK HUB: for Ukrainians.” All partners were really fascinated about this solution.


Read a bit about it below.

The Danish Entrepreneurs Association are currently conducting a series of workshops and other activities to help Ukrainians in Denmark who want to start their own business or continue working in their business they ran in Ukraine.

These activities give Ukrainians the opportunity to acquire skills that give them the ability to create economic growth and the ability to find employment while in Denmark.

The overall goal of the project is to enable 1,025 Ukrainians to be self-reliant. This is done by giving them opportunities to develop their skills through workshops that build on existing activities.

Activities are aimed at developing the individual’s competencies. These are skills that can be used to start their own business, enter into subcontracts in Ukraine, and that can be used in connection with the reconstruction of Ukraine. Overall, the creators hope that the effort will encourage Ukrainians to build bridges between the two countries, both in terms of business and resources.

In our opinion this is one of the best promising initiatives to help Ukrainian refugees.