Carbon driven energy equilibrium at the municipal scale
Energy Equilibrium

Energy Equilibrium project presented at the conference of Kaunas University of Technology

29 May 2024
Technical details

On 31 January 2024, Kaunas University of Technology invited the technical and academic community to the annual conference “Thermal Engineering – 2024”. This conference is an annual event presenting energy research and development in the areas of thermal and other energy-related engineering for the technical and academic community to keep them informed of ongoing research and activities.

This conference is arranged by the Energy Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design of the Kaunas University of Technology together with partners: Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuanian District Heating Association, and Lithuanian Thermal Engineering Association.

Representative of Lithuanian Energy Institute deputy director Rolandas Urbonas has presented a number of EU and nationally-funded research projects, which are currently implemented by the researchers of Lithuanian Energy Institute. Among others Energy Equilibrium project implemented under Interreg Programme was presented as elaborating an important instrument for energy planning on the municipal level.

The conference was presented on the LEI website.


This article was prepared by Farida Dzenajavičienė and Rimantas Bakas.